Take Home Whitening Kit

This whitening kit has been designed as a starter kit allowing you to use the demand for whitening to attract new patients, create loyal patients and retain existing patients.  The product can be used as a give away item or resell it for a profit.

Many offices are using this starter kit as a new patient incentive.  This package comes complete with 1 x 3mL 12% hydrogen peroxide syringe, pre-fabricated mouth tray (one size fits all) and an insert card (2.5″ x 5″) allowing enough room to easily display your company logo, website, contact information, social media links and a targeted message to your patient asking for referrals.

Used For:  New Patient Incentives, Promotes Recalls, Reduce No Shows, Increase Patient Retention, Event Marketing / Grand Openings, Create Loyal Patients, Reward For Online Patient Reviews, Socal Media Awareness, etc.

Packaging:  Components are packed in a retail box which increases the presentation of the entire package.  Instructions are included in separate leaflet within the kit.

Total Sessions:  1 x 3mL syringe allows for 3 dual-arch 20-minute sessions

Options:  Add additional 3mL syringes to build a more comprehensive whitening kit.

– 1 to 49 Kits, price per kit: $10.95
– 50 to 99 Kits, price per kit: $9.95
– 100+ Kits, price per kit: $8.95

Private Labeling:  Available with a minimum order of 50 kits and a one-time artwork charge of $50.  We include a box label which will have your company logo and an insert card (2.5″ x 5″) designed to your liking.


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